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Do you sell nationally/internationally?

Yes.  Please email us your specific needs and we can take care of you.


Do you use distributors?  

Not at this time.  We want to work directly with our customers to focus on training and support for our system.  This also allows you to buy direct and save.


Do you service large facilities

Yes, we have many large customers, as well as being the carpet care system for one of the largest retailers in the country.  We also support these facilities with ongoing training.


Are you selling franchises?  

Not yet.


What type of training and support do you offer?

We provide multiple training guides and videos, as well as custom training packages for our customers.


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FAQs - Frequently Asked Questions

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Does it work for residential as well as commercial?  

Yes.  It works well for carpets in any setting.


Do you sell equipment as well as cleaning products?

Yes, we supply everything you would need to clean 100% of the carpets you encounter.


Do you have a way to try a sample?  

Yes - try our “Can’t Lose” sample package.


Are your products green?  

Yes, we are in the process of obtaining certifications.  Please see MSDS sheets (link) and Our Commitment to Green.


Does your product clean upholstery?

Yes, our product is an amazing upholstery and stair cleaner.  


Does your product treat urine?

Yes, our product will remove most urine stains.  However, in some cases, an enzymatic neutralizer may also be needed.


Can I use your product on hard floors?  

No - it’s not recommended.  It is specially formulated for carpet cleaning.

I have a low-speed 175 RPM machine - can I still use your products?  

Yes, we do support low-speed 175 RPM machines.  However, our program is designed to work best with a high-speed machine (300-375 RPM).  Any additional equipment investment would be made up quickly when you consider the labor savings from using our program.  


Don’t you need to extract at some point?  

While our program makes a great interim cleaning method for extractors, we firmly believe and have proven over 10 years of cleaning that our system can be an all-in-one solution.


Can I use it in conjunction with my extraction business?

Yes.  Our program is a profitable addition to any extraction business.  Not only will you clean faster, but you will gain additional business by offering interim cleaning for your commercial clients.


Does it work for residential as well as commercial?  

Yes.  It works well for carpets in any setting.


Can I use a pump-up sprayer?

Yes, our product is designed as a prespray and can be used in any type of pressurized spray system.  However, please refer to our spray system comparisons to see the benefits of using our spray system tanks.  Refer to our Spray System Comparisons.



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