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Dirt and oil particles are held into the carpet by surface tension. Traditional cleaning methods have always had to use strong chemicals or damaging heat and water to release soil.

EncapSolution® carpet crystals are applied to the carpet as a fine mist, quickly penetrating down through the fibers, reducing surface tension to near zero and encapsulating seven times it's weight in dirt particles. With a reduced surface tension, the coated dirt and oil particles fare easily released from the fibers.

Using a 300-350 RPM rotary machine, an accumulator (bonnet) is passed over the carpet, and draws the dirt and oil particles into the accumulator. The small amount of heat generated by the spinning action also helps to dry the carpet.  The product is so efficient in accumulating and removing the soil that it leaves little to no residue and eliminates the need for post-clean vacuuming.

Call Today - 866-4-XERION
Why Choose Xerion?

With so many choices in this market, we’d like to help you simplify your cleaning process while increasing your profits with our high-efficiency program.  


For over a decade, our EncapSolution® carpet cleaning system has been wowing users with its amazing ability to not only clean carpets, but to do so 30-50% faster than other low-moisture methods, and up to four times faster than hot water extraction.  It’s suitable for both residential and commercial applications, is safe for all types of carpet, including wool, and always provides about 30-minute dry times.  


The key to our process is in the chemistry.  Unlike most other encapsulators on the market, our unique carpet cleaning crystals not only encapsulate soils, but through cutting edge technology, actually accumulate these soils and product into the bonnet.  This leaves little to no residue on the carpet and eliminates the need for post-clean vacuuming.  


We’re proud of the fact that our system is environmentally responsible and hygienically safe for people and their pets.  It is readily biodegradable, has a neutral pH of approximately 7, and leaves no chemical or toxic odors!


How it

• Makes 30 Gallons

• Cleans 45,000 sq/ft

• Portion control packets

• Dissolvable packet eliminates waste

• Low weight = Low shipping cost

• Takes less storage space

• Recyclable packaging

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