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Testimony - Ed York

"Speaking of their system, we were given a video "training" tape showing each simple step of their maintenance program.  Their system, product and training tape work so well, we felt confident enough to implement this effective program in-house."

     Bobbie Brislin - Wal-Mart Management

San Diego, California


"With Xerion Solutions our labor costs go way down and production goes way up...EncapSolution® works fantastic with wicking stains and the carpet stays cleaner longer."

     Mark Matthews - Owner,

     Christian Brothers Cleaning and Restoration 


"I'm astounded every time I see it work... this product will revolutionize the carpet cleaning industry!"

     Ed York - Cleanfax magazine's selection as the carpet cleaning industry's Person of the Twentieth Century and founder of IICUC (now known as IICRC).


"Normally carpet lasts seven to ten years, ours lasted 14 years, Thanks Xerion!"

     Kim Bilbrey - Property Manager, Mercy Medical Building 


"In my 30 plus years in the carpet cleaning industry I have never come across any cleaning product that actually does everything it says it can. At first I was extremely skeptical, as most HWE cleaners are but now I'm convinced, there is nothing on the market, using any system invented, that compares to EncapSolution® "

     Ed Fowler - Cleaning Consultant -  Former Cleaning Business Owner 


"Macy's mandated the use of only one product which they had complete satisfaction with, EncapSolution® by Xerion Solutions."

     Art Birnbaum - Support Services of America 


“I have cleaned exclusively with EncapSolution® since 1992. We have successfully cleaned over one billion square feet of carpet, from polypropylene to wool and everything in between . We have never, I repeat never had a claim because of a manufacture warrantee issue.”

     Glenn Barfell – RapidDry– President


Testimony - Ed Fowler

“The normal life of our carpet should be seven to eight years. In fifteen years we have replaced the carpet in only one of seven stories. I believe this long life can be attributed to the maintenance system provided by

Xerion Solutions Inc.”

     Dana C. McFiggins  

Pinnacle Realty Management


"This problem account usually took two of my men five hours, and it still wouldn't be clean. The “Clean Pak System”  took two men forty minutes!  Wow, it was amazing, the dirt, the filth, the spots, BAM...  EVERYTHING… GONE!”

     Julio Quiocho - Hawaiian Building Maintenance

Honolulu, Hawaii

"You have proven to me that your process far exceeds the hot water extraction in its cleaning process. I realize and fully appreciate how good your system and process works, and appreciate doing business with you."

     Geeta Radia -Target Building Services,

Area Manager - Southern California


“Thanks for all the great work you’ve done for ABM.

I believe in EncapSolution®  and would recommend

it very highly”.


Royce “Bo” Bolding

American Building Maintenance

San Diego, California


“My crews clean the carpets in half the normal amount of time and because there are no sticky soap residues, the carpets stay clean three times longer.  I enjoy peace of mind, because I know the products are safe for my staff and our guests at the Marriott.”

     Nazar Masry – Marriott

Los Angeles Airport


Testimony - Kim Bilbrey
Testimony - Art Birnbaum
Testimony - Mark Matthews

"I started my own business using Xerion’s program exclusively! In little over one year we have gone from an unknown to one of the top rated carpet cleaners in my region.

Xerion’s program works better than any other method or product I have tried! It allows me to perform jobs at a lower cost, in less time and with results the competition can only wish for!  Xerion is the fuel that drives my company's success!!!!”

     Niel Butler - Owner, Absolute Carpet Care



"As one of the largest casinos in Los Angeles, we really appreciate Xerion’s ability to keep our carpets looking great and to minimize our floor downtime.  Our cleaning personnel are finishing their areas almost twice as fast as before, and the carpets are dry and ready for traffic in about 30 minutes.  Not only does the product continue to impress with its cleaning capability, but the support the company provides us is excellent!"

     Hector Reza

Facilities Manager

Commerce Casino


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