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Xerion Solutions has always focused on creating a carpet care program that provides true green results.  We believe you should not only see green in your profits, but also green in our program’s effect on you, your customers and our environment.  


We knew from the beginning that there had to be a way to not only clean more profitably, but also focus on the principles of environmental sustainability while using our system.  


Let Xerion’s carpet care program be your resource for sustainable cleaning practices.



Our Commitment to Green

• Uses 90% less water

• Improves Indoor Air Quality

• No-waste packaging

• Concentrated formulas

• Reduces CO2 emissions

• No VOCs

• Biodegradable

• Dries in 30 minutes

• Extends carpet life

• Reduces resoiling

• Ultra-efficient equipment

• Saves cleaning steps

• Ergonomically friendly

Green Benefits
Green for our earth -
Green for your profits!
Our Process

The average hot water extraction cleaner puts approximately 50-60 gallons or more of water into 1,000 sq/ft of carpet.  The average extraction rig can only get 85% of that water out.  That leaves 7-9 gallons of water in your carpets for each 1,000 sq/ft. That means an average sized house could have almost 20 gallons of water left on their floor.


Our program uses one gallon for the same 1,000 sq/ft of carpet without leaving water behind!


Our program increases indoor air quality by reducing the risk for mold and spore travel, mildew, and chemical smells that can occur with other cleaning methods.  





Our Equipment
Our Footprint

We use the highest efficiency equipment available.  Our equipment is optimized to decrease the use of natural resources like water, electricity and labor.  


Our pressurized spray system increases the efficiency of our products by up to 75% compared to pump up sprayers.  When using our sprayers, cleaning coverages of up to 1,800 SQ/FT PER GALLON can be achieved.  Compare this to our low-moisture competitor’s average of 300-500 sq/ft per gallon.  We put significantly less chemical and water on the floor. (See comparison here!)


Due to higher cleaning speeds, our floor machines actually use less electricity by running at a higher speed and efficiency and for less time.


Our Microfiber towels help in the cleaning environment by lasting longer, are more absorbent of soils by absorbing 6-7 times their weight in liquid, trap smaller airborne matter and are hypo-allergenic.






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We’ve designed our program to be green and sustainable by increasing cleaning speed, decreasing cleaning steps, decreasing the amount of water and product used, and providing our products in concentrated forms with no-waste portions.

Our Products

Our cleaning products are designed to be safe to use and cause minimal environmental impact, but still retain the powerful cleaning capabilities to outperform other cleaning systems.  (please see our MSDS)


Our concentrated EncapSolution® crystals are so efficient that we use only 1 tablespoon (½ oz) per GALLON of water!


Due to our unique formula and low chemical volume, EncapSolution® leaves no soap residues to cause resoiling.  This means carpet will stay clean longer and reduce the amount of resources needed to keep them clean.




Our EncapSolution® is more than just another “green” product.  Our entire program works to minimize impact on the environment while providing superior cleaning results.  


Due to the gentleness of our cleaning program (low water, no soaps, etc.), we have proven that Xerion’s program will extend the life of carpet by approximately 30-50%.  This means that carpets cleaned using Xerion’s program will stay out of landfills for 3-5 years longer than other methods.  


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Our Packaging

Our EncapSolution® product ships in Eco-friendly packaging that provides enough product to make 30 gallons of carpet cleaner.  Our portion-control packaging ensures proper dilution of the crystals and the packaging material actually dissolves in the solution tank, leaving no waste!


Each small bucket will clean approximately 45,000 sq/ft.  This not only reduces your shipping costs, but also harmful Co2 emissions.  Why pay to ship water?


Our packaging also takes up less storage space, which will give you more room on your truck or in the supply closet.  

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