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If you currently use a low moisture method, you are well aware of the many benefits this method offers.  However, most bonnet methods are currently only considered an interim cleaning method between extractions.  We’ve actually found that our program reduces and can even eliminate, the need for extraction (see testimonials).


Additionally, by using Xerion’s EncapSolution® program, you will not only clean better, but should see your labor costs reduced by at least 30-50%.  This means more jobs per day and translates directly into higher profits.


Our system accomplishes this through these key features:  


- Our carpet cleaning crystals are so efficient that we do not need to presoak bonnets or put nearly as much product on the floor as our competitors.


- Our EncapSolution® carpet crystals cover a minimum of 1,000 sq/ft per gallon, and we’ve found many of our trained users frequently achieve 1,500 sq/ft or more per gallon, all while delivering true cleaning power on the floor.  This also allows you to clean at a one-man crew rate of up to 2,000 sq/ft per hour.


- Coupled with our high-efficiency EncapSolution® cleaner, our high-speed floor machines allow you to move faster.  Because most low-moisture methods use a 175 rpm machine, we’re able to clean 30-50% faster using our process, and still get the cleaning results you need.


- Although our product is competitively priced and cost effective, it’s just as important to save on your labor costs - whether as a sole proprietor, or an employer.  In our industry, chemicals should comprise of 5% or less of any job.  With Xerion, you can quit worrying about the pennies you might save on various products, and focus on the larger dollars you’ll save on labor.


 - Another key feature to our low-moisture program is that it eliminates post-clean vacuuming.  Our process differs from most other low-mo encapsulation methods because we do all of the cleaning in three steps, not four.


     I.  Properly Vacuum Area

    II.  Prespray EncapSolution®

    III.  Clean and Accumulate.


We don’t leave behind dirt or crystals to be vacuumed later, nor do we leave any soap residues to resoil.  We take the dirt out with us in our bonnets when we are done - simple as that!


Not only will your customers be amazed at how clean their carpets are, your operation will be more profitable!


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Glenn Barfell, President, Rapid Dry

I have cleaned exclusively with EncapSOLUTION® since 1992. We have successfully cleaned over one billion square feet of carpet, from polypropylene to wool and everything in between . We have never, I repeat never had a claim because of a manufacture warrantee issue.

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