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Institutional Cleaners

Whether your facility or campus currently employs its own janitorial staff or carpet cleaners, or if you’re considering taking your carpet care in-house, Xerion has a solution for you.


Due to our efficient high-speed cleaning capabilities, Xerion can cut labor costs from 30-400% depending on the method you currently employ (hot water extraction, low speed bonnet, shampoo or others).  


This translates to lower operational overhead and your carpets stay in better shape, extending their life span.


Some of the features of our program that you will benefit from include:


Custom programs for large facilities


30-minute dry times

More flexibility and expanded cleaning-time window

Limits slip and fall liabilities

Our program is easy to learn and train - allows existing custodial staff to use program

Equipment setup is easy, long-lasting, and portion controlled.

True “green” cleaning program

One-step process - no post-clean vacuuming needed!

 Spotting program keeps carpets looking great between cleanings

Improves indoor air quality

Comprehensive and affordable training program with ongoing skilled customer support

Low equipment investment/implementation costs

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