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Hot Water Extractors

Xerion Solutions can greatly enhance your extraction business. We’ve sold many systems to existing HWE cleaners.  


Increase your sales by offering routine carpet maintenance! Although we firmly believe that our system is an all-in-one solution, it can be positioned to increase your business.


Many carpet manufacturing mills are now supporting bonnet cleaning as an interim cleaning method between hot water extractions.  This can benefit your residential and commercial business.    


When you experience the ease of use and speed of cleaning with our program, you will want to add it to all of your trucks.  


Here are just a few of the benefits you’ll experience by adding the Xerion program to your extraction business:  


- Portability - our system easily gets to floors and areas where hoses can’t.

- Perfect for customers that require fast dry times

- Shorter dry times equal more flexible scheduling

- Minimal interruption to business activities

- Uses 90% less water/”Green” cleaning method

- More ergonomic

- Low equipment/implementation cost


"With Xerion Solutions our labor costs go way down and production goes way up... Encapsolution® works fantastic with wicking stains and the carpet stays cleaner longer."

     Mark Matthews - Owner,

     Christian Brothers Cleaning and Restoration 


Hot Water Extractor Solutions
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Testimony - Mark Matthews

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